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IBC Plastic Program

Early on, Clean Tide made sure that 100% of it's post consumer IBC plastic was recycled.

Clean Tide developed a program that insured its customers that their IBC's were handled in an earth friendly manner, and never land filled.  As a part of this process, Clean Tide began a program to include post consumer IBC plastic from their friends, partners and even competitors.

At that time, and still today, Clean Tide is able to give those in the IBC reconditioning business top dollar for their scrap and develop a partnership that has both companies' interests in mind.

Why would competitors partner with Clean Tide on a Plastic Recovery and Recycling program?

Because unlike most plastic scrap and recycling businesses, Clean Tide Container understands the IBC business.

Let's face it, when used IBC plastic is sold it often is followed by arguments over usable versus non-usable plastic, loaded weights versus ground weights all in a game to lower your profit.  At Clean Tide Container, we are interested in your long term business, therefore we develop a program that keeps your process streamlined and profits healthy.

Contact Clean Tide Container today to discover how your post consumer plastic can turn into a profit center for your company.

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