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IBC Collection

Most IBC manufacturers provide pick-up programs for their IBC's once emptied.  However, most have rules associated with these programs that aren't always customer friendly and many times, cost the IBC user.  Exorbitant heel charges, slow pick-up times, high quantities needed, non-acceptance of multiple manufacture IBC's are just a few of the hurdles to all IBC manufacturer programs.

Clean Tide Container provides an IBC collection program with more customer service and less rules.  There is a value to your used IBC's, we want them, and we can structure a collection program that provides you and your customer ease in returning IBC's; thus, you have better customer relations.  You and your customers deserve to work with a company that puts you first, has a track record of environmental excellence and logistic quickness in taking care of the back end of you IBC program.

Let us help you design an IBC collection program that allows you to focus on your core business and not on IBC collection problems.

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Phone: (251) 947-2350